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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Q2 Benchmark:

     Since the first blog post in October, I have continued to collect and annotate resources (mainly articles and books) on the gut-brain axis and microbiology in general. Portions of two of the most interesting/my favorite/most easily understood articles are shown below (excuse the messy annotations!): 

"A person's genes can influence the gut microbiome's composition..."- Ruth E. Ley, "The Gene-Microbe Link"
"In the not too distant future each of us will be able to colonize our gut with genetically modified 'smart bacteria' that detect and stamp out disease..." - Justin L. Sonnenburg, "Microbiome Engineering"

I have yet to find any main sources (see last post's timeline), so I may have to reduce the number of sources from three to just two and rely on many more smaller sources. 

Updated BIG Goal:
     Now that I have gotten more time to think about my final goal, I realize that there are three different microbiological subcategories I am interested in: the gut-brain axis, microbial engineering/synthetic biology (which is technically its own field), and the relationship between ones' genes and microbiome. As pictured above, I have already begun research concerning these three topics. However, juggling schoolwork and this extra research isn't as easy as I hoped it would be when I set my goals earlier this year. My final goal has changed little compared to what it was before. I intend to compile my research (as I did last year) in some sort of presentation, using another tri-fold and possible video. I also still plan to learn about my own microbiome using the resources provided by a company like uBiome and include this info in either the same or a separate presentation.  

-Finalize Big Goal (Q1 Post)
-Begin Compiling Research (Library, Print/Web Articles)
-Continue Collecting Resources/Research
-Narrow Down Topics/Determine Focus (Choose Btwn. 3 Above)
-Contact uBiome 
-Get Microbiome Kit/Submit Samples
-Contact New Resources (Mentors/Companies)
-Compile Research (Digital Doc)
-Receive Sequencing Results (Hopefully!)
-Receive Sequencing Results (If not in Jan.)
-Finish Research Compilation
Prepare Presentation (Board/Video)
     -Using Research Comp. & Sequencing Results
-Continue Preparing Presentation (Board/Video)
-i2 Showcase Presentation!

Resources (Doesn't Really Need A List):
     The only resource I need for this project, besides the research (which I can get on my own/already have), is the kit needed to learn about my microbiome. I plan to order a kit from uBiome before the end of the semester.

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