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Monday, September 26, 2016

Q1 Benchmark

Big Goal:
     For this year, my goal is to further research and explore the human microbiome. Last year, the books and articles I read were mostly broad and covered microbiology as a whole. Now that I have a better idea of what exactly interests me, I can focus on the gut-brain axis and how this relationship affects our bodies. I would like to gain a solid understanding of this specific topic by the end of this school year. In addition to this, I would like to sequence my own microbiome to make what I am learning about more relatable. With the help of a kit (like the one provided by uBiome), I would see what microbes are in my body and research them as well.

A simple explanation of the gut-brain axis (the focus of my research this year)
A SF-based company that sequences people's microbiomes
What I Have: 
     Just like the previous year, my main resources will consist of the past research of actual scientists and experts in the field. These resources include books, scientific papers, and news articles (print and digital). I have many articles from last year that I have yet to read, so these papers are what I have for my project at the moment.

What I Need: 
     Gathering new research resources is a major part of my project. A good amount of my time will be spent looking for and compiling the information I need to learn about the subjects listed above. However, I will need to a microbiome sequencing kit from uBiome to complete the second half of my project.

uBiome's microbiome sequencing kit
Timeline (expect revisions!):

-Finalize Big Goal (Q1 Post)
-Begin Compiling Research (Library, Print/Web Articles)
-Main Source 1: TBA (Gut-Brain Axis)
-Contact uBiome
-Main Source 2: TBA (Gut-Brain Axis)
-Get Microbiome Kit/Submit Samples (?)
-Main Source 3: TBA (Personal Microbiome)
-Contact New Resources (Mentors/Companies)
-Compile Research (Digital Doc)
-Receive Sequencing Results (?)
-Receive Sequencing Results (If not in Jan.)
-Finish Research Compilation
Prepare Presentation (Board/Video)
     -Using Research Comp. & Sequencing Results
-Continue Preparing Presentation (Board/Video)
-i2 Showcase Presentation!