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Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Worshop 2015: Q-Tip Bullets and Rollercoasters

   This year's summer workshop consisted of so many unique and educational experiences it'll be difficult to mention them all in one blog post. The first day, held at SHC, revolved around a challenge in which teams had to construct a simple mechanism that would fire a q-tip. The only materials available were candle lighters, film canisters, pens, and rubbing alcohol. Memorable moments of the day included an interesting design session complete with dinosaur sketches and the brutal destruction of several lighters.

  The second half of the workshop took place at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation. Instead of describing the all of the exhibits, I've collected pictures of my favorite activities.

Located in The Tech Silicon Valley Innovation Gallery, a special camera allowed us to mix and match different parts of our faces with strangers, resulting in hilarious combinations.
The Life Tech Gallery  included a fun wheelchair race simulation.
One of the most enjoyable activities, featured in The Tech Test Zone, was the coaster design station. You could make your own roller coaster and personally test it in less than 5 minutes. To view my roller coaster just click here.

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