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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Discovery Workshop 2: Strengths

       During Discovery Workshop 2, I got to take a test that identified my top five personality themes.  After discovering these themes, I'll be able to develop them and turn them into strengths that I can use to find my natural talents. 

  1. Which of your Signature Themes describe you best? Why do you think this?

I think that "Learner" describes me the best because it is the theme that I believe is present in all aspects of my life. The whole process of learning is enjoyable and something I have fun doing. I find myself wanting to learn more about nearly everything, though I rarely voice the questions I have, which is something I'd like to work on. When I saw that "Learner" was in my top five, I wasn't too surprised.

  1. Which of your Signature Themes do you use most frequently? Please elaborate.

The Theme I use most frequently is "Discipline." I constantly organize my belongings and can't do my homework without prioritizing each assignment and designating a certain amount of time for each task. Color-coding is another habit of mine that I never realized was a trait that showed I was actually quite disciplined. I strive to bring order to things that are messy or unorganized, but until now, I've never seen this as "Discipline."

  1. Were you surprised by anything in the report? Explain why.
Originally, I was confused as to why I got "Discipline" in my top five, since I never considered myself as a particularly neat. But I realized that I did show several traits included in the description of "Discipline." I also was surprised that I had both "Includer" and "Harmony" in my top five. At first, I thought that both were essentially the same thing, until I read the descriptions. One describes being able to see the best in people and the other highlights an ability to solve conflict, and the fact that I exhibit both themes pleasantly surprised me.

  1. Which of your Signature Themes do you anticipate using most? Explain.

"Learner" and "Discipline" are the two themes that I anticipate using the most. I look forward to strengthening these two themes and turning them into strengths. This is because if I am able to do so, figuring out what I'd like to spend my life doing may just become at least a bit easier.

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